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Monthly Archives: January 2012

iKAT – Interactive Kiosk Attack Tool

I’d like to bring to your attention a tool that was posted to the full disclosure mailing list a while ago, but still useful. It is called iKAT (Interactive Kiosk Attack Tool) and allows you to exploit the local machine windows / linux from a browser web page full of nifty exploits and tools. Its very handy […]

Kon-Boot – Windows password auditer and bypass – VMware support

We all have the Windows password bypass boot disks in our tool kits. I’d like to make mention of a new favourite of mine, it is called Kon-Boot which patches the loading kernel in memory and effectively bypasses the authentication mechanic. Kon-Boot supports both Linux and Windows operating systems, allow for root access on both […]

Windows tools for your 802.11 wireless arsenal

Just a quick post to share some sweet wireless tools that Ive been meaning to blog about. Connectify is a windows 7 based wireless extensions application that makes use of the unfinished windows 7 virtual WI-FI API to allow you to turn any WI-FI adapter in windows 7 into a fully fledged access point. This […]

Wi-Fi Protected setup cracked

A week ago Stefan a researcher from .braindump blog released a white paper detailing how to brute force WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). Pretty much rendering WPS completely broken. The really scary part is with a recovered WPS pin, the attacker can then use this to brute force the WPA / WPA2 key. The team at […]