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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Error 29702 upgrading VMware VCenter 5.5 to 6.0

Like most enterprise IT shops, we have a significant VMware investment. One of the requirements of upgrading to VSphere 6 is to upgrade your VCenter out of band. Our VCenter is on Windows Server 2012 with Micosoft SQL Server on box. A Windows VCenter upgrade is fairly straight forward – make sure your SQL DB, […]

CUCM – Report on all Call Forwards with SQL

Recently I had the task of integrating two separate CUCM clusters together. One of the tasks I had was to work out how many users had call forwards set on their directory numbers so we could either keep or remove them. Call forwards can cause a monetary or management issue if not looked after correctly. […]

Using the Palo Alto API for Captive Portal Logout

It’s API time! Haven’t had a post in a while but in wanted to share this: This year I had the opportunity to roll out a Palo Alto networks next-gen firewall appliance. We have many areas of our college that require specific access to deliver classes (think IT, engineering etc). These areas are separated by […]