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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Cisco ASA show CLI passwords

What’s the command so that you can see hashed passwords on the Cisco ASA CLI? Answer: ciscoasa(config)# more system:running-config Very handy for when you need to copy passwords from one device to the other.

Cisco ISE Unable to load Context Visibility page. Ensure that reverse DNS lookup is configured for all Cisco ISE nodes in your distributed deployment in the DNS server(s)

What a mouthful! So I was changing roles and deployment on our Cisco ISE back end yesterday ( when I ran into an interesting visual error on the primary administration node: Turns out in your DNS server the reverse lookup has to match the hostname (A Records) of the ISE node(s). So my issue was […]

Using Ubiquiti AirMax with Cisco dot1q Trunking

We recently encountered an issue wherein a particular training building required network access. It was actually a shed used to teach carpentry and bricklaying etc. As this building never had fiber optic or conduit connected to it, a cost effective solution was sought after. I decided to use Ubiquiti Networks AirMAX Prism 2 product. I […]