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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Renaming a vSwitch in VMWare ESXi

At the ESX Console, log in and hit Alt-F1 then type unsupported and hit Enter. You won’t see the word “unsupported” appear as you type it but upon hitting Enter, you’ll be prompted for the root password. Type it in and hit Enter. You be presented with the ESXi command prompt. The default text editor […]

Configure iSCSI Port Binding using ESXCLI

1. Enable SSH console from the management settings > troubleshooting options on the ESXi console. 2. Bring up the CLI console with alt + f1. 3. Enter the following commands to bind the VMKernel port(s) to the software iSCSI adapter (ESXi 6.7). ~ # esxcli iscsi networkportal add –nic vmk1 –adapter vmhba64 ~ # esxcli […]

Deploying Dell vLT on OS10

I was recently asked to assist our training environment with the deployment of mid market Dell data center utilizing OS 10 and Virtual Link Trunking. VLT is Dell’s implementation of multi-chassis etherchannel, similar to Cisco’s Virtual Port Channel. OS10 is an open networking platform, runs on Debian Linux and boots of the ONIE (Open Network […]