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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Configuring Cisco VIRL External Connectivity on ESXi

So I recently built a Cisco VIRL lab on VMware ESXi. One of the issues I was having was layer 2 external connectivity from VIRL using the shared flat network object. Essentially shared networks FLAT and FLAT1 within VIRL are layer 2 Linux bridge adapters that bridge eth1 and eth2 from the VIRL openstack config […]

Unisphere Management service won’t start on EMC VNX Array

OK so we had a scheduled power outage at one of our secondary DCs. The SAN was shutdown following the VNX shutdown procedure via Unisphere. After the power was back on everything on the SAN came up accept the Unisphere web management. After some Google-fu the culprit was the NAS slots had not come up […]