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CUCM – Report on all Call Forwards with SQL

Recently I had the task of integrating two separate CUCM clusters together. One of the tasks I had was to work out how many users had call forwards set on their directory numbers so we could either keep or remove them. Call forwards can cause a monetary or management issue if not looked after correctly. […]

Cisco UCCX Prompt Codec Format

This post outlines the Cisco UCCX Prompt Codec Format. At the college I work for we have the full Cisco Unified Communications stack. One of my day to day tasks is to manage the VOIP solution. This includes CUCM (Call Manager) and UCCX for Contact Center queues. One of the more mundane task that comes with administering UCCX is prompt […]

Cisco FXO Voice card disconnect issue

Recently i was working on setting up a branch office to use SRST PSTN failover as the site uses a SIP ITSP service via the WAN connection. So to give this small branch site some sort of redundancy the Cisco 2921 that i implemented came with x2 FXO VICs – giving me 4 ports total […]